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Írj véleményt elsőként! Összefoglaló Sexual dysfunction presents a major challenge to physicians who take on the task of treating men with prostate cancer.

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While curing the disease and saving a life is paramount, improving technologies and prostate function offer skilled prostate function and clinical oncologists the opportunity to eradicate the disease without compromising sexual function.

In Sexual Function of the Prostate Cancer Patient, Prostate function Mulhall and a panel of internationally recognized experts on prostate cancer and sexual function assess in detail the current state of prostate cancer treatment.

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The authors offer a broad overview of the pathophysiology and treatment of erectile dysfunction in men with prostate cancer, reviewing the latest findings regarding erection-sparing radiation therapy and sexual function outcomes after laparascopic and robotic prostatectomy.

Additional chapters discuss intra-operative maneuvers to minimize post-operative erectile dysfunction and pharmacologic penile preservation and rehabilitation.

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Timely and authoritative, Sexual Function in the Prostate Cancer Patient is a highly readable guide to preserving post-prostate cancer sexual function that no urologist or radiation and medical oncologist should be without.